Daisuke Sugiyama




Born 1979 in Seto, Aichi.
Lives and works in Seto.


Daisuke Sugiyama is Japanese computer artist.

Influenced by their father, who works in the fashion industry, Sugiyama has strong interest in luxury fashion and street culture since high school years. Particularly, collections of Jean Paul Gaultier using kimono and Japanese traditional patterns made strong impression on them. Also, Sugiyama was diagnosed with glaucoma at the age of nine and another incurable disease at the age of 19. Those diseases gave them intensive fears of blindness and death.

After 9 years of working as a designer for two advertising companies, Sugiyama fallen into severe illness again at the age of 36. After years of wandering on the boundary between life and death, they began to paint to know the meaning of these agonizing experiences.

Affected by Shusaku Endo’s Catholic literature and El Greco’s “Annunciation” in Ohara Museum of Art, Sugiyama tried oil and acrylic painting initially. But their experience of glaucoma made them strongly interested in light itself, and sooner they realized that it is impossible to express the light they sought by laying pigments on canvas or board with brush.

Later, inspired by the texture of sunlight passing through a textile on which they had printed their own oil painting, Sugiyama started to use digital drawings with not only vertical (X-axis) and horizontal (Y-axis), but data of Z-axis (line height) added and print them on textiles by 3D inkjet printer. Therefore, Sugiyama’s drawings are made of countless lines with height (Z-axis data).

Recently, Sugiyama has been experimenting with a technique that involves printing 2D drawings on transparent acrylic sheets instead of using 3D printing with Z-axis data. These sheets are then applied to the fabric of kimono, creating a unique visual effect.

Solo Exhibitions

2022 “Shi to Heiwa”(Death and Peace), Gallery Menio, Nagoya

Group Exhibitions

2021 Face, Sompo Museum, Tokyo
2020 Art Salon, The National Art Center Tokyo, Tokyo


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